Join Our Team

Are you looking for the best summer/fall job ever?

Do you enjoy working outdoors? Do you like the water? Do you love the feeling when you go home happy and exhausted from a great day? If so, we have the job for you!

We are looking for paddleboarding and kayaking staff for the upcoming season!

Are you up to the job? We’re committed to the safety of our customers and each other. That means we have very high expectations of our staff. We need everyone to be aware of their environment, to be able to make the decisions and most of all, enjoy their work and the outdoors.

What kind of jobs are available?

General Office & Dock Staff, All Locations

A great summer position if you have limited boating experience but are eager to learn more and just want to work outdoors!

Kayaking, SUP, Yoga or Fitness Instructor, Age 18+, All Locations

Have some kayaking or paddleboarding experience? Given kayaking tours as a guide? Or just want to learn how to teach kayaking? If you answer yes to any of these, then apply!

Shift Supervisor, Age 18+, All Locations

Weekends are our busiest time when our customers are out renting our boats and enjoying themselves on the water. This is a perfect position for someone who wants to enjoy some hours on the weekend working with boats.

Check out available positions:

Ballpark Boathouse & The Wharf Boathouse Positions

Key Bridge Boathouse Positions

Fletcher’s Cove Positions

Thompson Boat Center Positions

Washington Sailing Marina Positions

Before you apply:

You need to:

  • Scan copies of any certifications you may have (pictures are OK). Provide one file for each type. For example, if you have one CPR certification that would be scanned into one file. If you have 1 CPR certification and 2 ACA certifications, that would be 2 files. One for CPR and one for ACA.
  • Read and understand the job descriptions.


  • Interviews are usually done in two parts: first, a phone screening and then a group or individual interview is conducted at Thompson Boat Center
  • Appropriate dress would be business casual. You want to look nice, but not overdressed, so no ties!
  • Bring copies of your certifications and resume
  • Make sure you have some questions to ask

Please Note: Guest Services, Inc. does not conduct interviews on Google Hangouts or other text-based chat platforms. Please notify us at [email protected] if you receive a request for an interview on any such platform, as these requests are fraudulent and not associated with Guest Services, Inc.

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