Directions & Info

There are many places along M Street that bring you down to the C&O Canal. Walk down Wisconsin until you arrive at K Street. Walk west (keeping the water to your left) until you find us beneath Key Bridge.

Parking in Georgetown can be a hassle, so the easiest way to get around is on the Metro.

From Rosslyn Metro (3/4 mile):

Walk across Key Bridge and take the stairs on either side down to the canal. There are footbridges across the canal that lead to stairs on Water St. Walk back toward the bridge. We are located directly below Key Bridge!

From Foggy Bottom Metro (1 mile):

From the rotary, walk West on K Street toward the waterfront. If you follow the waterfront park, we are located just on the other side of Key Bridge.

We are located near the very end of K Street, which turns into Water Street. From Georgetown, follow Wisconsin Ave. down toward the waterfront, taking a right onto K St./Water St. Parking is extremely limited, but there is free 3-hour parking across the street, and a parking garage up by the Loews movie theater. The best time to park is early in the morning, or later in the afternoon as it fills up fast on weekends!

We take safety on the Potomac and Anacostia very seriously. Even though it may seem like a beautiful day in DC, there are times that we need to close the facility due to unsafe river conditions.

First, the water temperature must be above 60 degrees to paddle without safety equipment such as wetsuits and drysuits. For extra safety just in case anyone falls in, we also enforce a “120 rule,” making sure that air temperature + water temperature is more than 120 degrees.

Second, river conditions can be dangerous if it rains to the west and the Potomac floods. Sometimes it’s hard to tell just how strong the current is, so we use the following guidelines, based on two monitoring stations watching for flood conditions.

The first monitoring station is upstream of the Key Bridge Boathouse. This is a good indication of water movement coming down to us. The second is a monitoring station right downstream of us at the Georgetown Waterfront Park. If the thick blue line of both stations is below the yellow the river is in a calm state. If one of the stations thick blue line in in the yellow then there is a risk and we will make a determination. If both stations’ thick blue line is in the yellow then we will be closed. There are other considerations as well.

So if you think there is bad weather please call us at (202) 337-9642.


Escape the bustle of the city and enjoy the sights of the Potomac as you paddle past the Georgetown Waterfront, Roosevelt Island, and some of DC’s most stunning monuments. For a relaxing time, head up river and lose yourself in the serenity of the C&O Canal.

Everyone at Key Bridge Boathouse loves kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding. We’re always up for sharing the fun with as many people as possible and know you’ll love having water adventures with us.

Don’t forget to bring a friend for a kayaking lesson, a paddleboard fitness class, or just stop by for a paddle after work for fun out on the Potomac!

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