River Adventure Camp

River Camp Adventure
Paddling and Science stuff all in one
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Building off the fundamentals of Boating Is FUN Camp, we’re going to put our paddling skills to the test and explore the local watershed in our section of the Charles River. Our little adventurers will be learning all sorts of science and get their hands dirty with things like pond scum, water lilies, and other nature stuff, all while having fun and perfecting their skills in a canoe, kayak or paddleboard!

Ages: 10–13

Location: Newton Boatshed

Prices: Full Day: $439

Extended day*: Add $35 AM, $35 PM

*Extended day campers might get some extra time on the water, play a fun game on land, or master the fine art of tying a monkey’s fist

Sessons: (note: need 2017 times & dates)