Rates & Amenities

Slip Rates

Floating Slips
We offer 25 ft. slips, most of which include water and 30 amp electric. Our 30 ft. and 35 ft. slips include water and electric, as well as dock boxes and mooring pilings. Each slip is sold by the size of the slip or the size of the boat, whichever is greater.

Annual Slip
$9.31/ft/mo. (up to and including 25 ft.)
$9.91/ft/mo. (greater than 25 ft.)

Seasonal Slip
$10.70/ft/mo. (up to and including 25 ft.)
$11.30/ft/mo. (greater than 25 ft.)

Dry Storage
Dry slips offer the convenience of being close to the water yet still allow you to keep your boat on a trailer. This situation is ideal for one-designs and racers. The Sailing Marina has three one-ton launch cranes, a launch ramp and four launch docks that provide easy access to or from the water. WSM does offer dry storage transient rates. The rate is $15.00 per night.

Annual Slip $5.91/ft/mo.
Seasonal Slip $6.48/ft/mo.

Rack Space
Rack storage is available for sailboat owners who have boats 14 feet or smaller and do not have trailers. Ideal for dinghies and windsurfers, rack storage offers covered storage close to the launch area.

Annual Rack $532.35
Summer Season Rack $376.16
Winter Season Rack $271.95

For more information on slips, slip rental procedures and slip availability please call the marina at (703) 548-9027 between 9am and 6 pm, seven days a week.