National Harbor


National Harbor is open for the 2022 season.




From Washington, DC

Driving to National Harbor is easy, with plenty of parking available! Take I-295 S, National Harbor exit 1B.

From Maryland

Merge onto I-495/I-95 Capital Beltway – Inner Loop. After Exit 4, stay in the right-hand lanes to follow the “local lanes.” Take National Harbor Exit 2A.

Water Taxi
From Alexandria, the Water Taxi is a pretty cool way to show up right at our dock!

From the Mount Vernon Trail, take the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Trail into National Harbor.

We take safety on the Potomac and Anacostia very seriously. Even though it may seem like a beautiful day in DC, there are times that we need to close the facility due to unsafe river conditions.

First, the water temperature must be above 60 degrees to paddle without safety equipment such as wetsuits and drysuits. For extra safety just in case anyone falls in, we also enforce a “120 rule,” making sure that air temperature + water temperature is more than 120 degrees.

Second, river conditions can be dangerous if it rains to the west and the Potomac floods. Sometimes it’s hard to tell just how strong the current is, so we use the following guidelines, based on two monitoring stations watching for flood conditions.

The first monitoring station is upstream of the Key Bridge Boathouse. This is a good indication of water movement coming down to us. The second is a monitoring station right downstream of us at the Georgetown Waterfront Park. If the thick blue line of both stations is below the yellow the river is in a calm state. If one of the stations thick blue line in the yellow then there is a risk and we will make a determination. If both stations thick blue line is in the yellow then we will be closed. There are other considerations as well.

So, if you think there is bad weather or safety concerns please call us at (202) 337-9642.


Spend the day suspended in the air and then walking on water at the National Harbor! Our boathouse sits along the Potomac River and outside the vibrant, scenic waterfront where the Capitol Wheel lights up the skies and spins you toward the stars; the perfect complement to your aquatic adventure. Featuring swan pedal boat, kayak, and paddleboard rentals, night light pedal boating as well as paddleboard lessons, the boathouse is a great place to start an unforgettable day of fun at the National Harbor. Join us and enjoy this wonderful Boating in DC destination!


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