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Yoga for Rowers

Yoga for Rowers

WHY Yoga for Rowers?

While yoga is an amazing physical practice that can benefit rowers of all levels and abilities, its ultimate objective is to serve as a moving mediation. Yoga is about linking breath to movement, and using the breath to bring the body and mind into the present, that space between dull awareness and the hyper-tension of control. Many athletes and coaches refer to this space as being in the flow. Engaging in a consistent yoga practice, rowers will be able to increase their strength, flexibility, body awareness, and prevention of injuries, but, most importantly, they will be able to train themselves to retain their focus even in the face of high-pressure situations or championship regattas. Over time that elusive flow that athletes are always searching for will become more consistent during one’s performance.

Class Description

$15 Per Class - Advanced Registration
Sessions run Wednesdays & Saturdays

Flow and row at Thompson Boat Center! Get off the water and on to your mat for an all-levels Vinyasa flow yoga class geared specifically for rowers. In this 60 minutes class, athletes will move through a sequence of breath-based movements, specifically targeting the muscles and movements that rowers need to succeed on the water. Build strength, flexibility, and, focus! As an all levels class, this is appropriate for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. Rowers of all ages, abilities, and levels are encouraged to attend. Find the edge you need to succeed in your next race.


Meet the Instructor

The class is taught by Max Gruber. As a former collegiate-level ice hockey player, Max experienced how yoga can help high-performance athletes reach the next level of their sport by maintaining a balanced body and mind. He endeavors to share this practice with his students to help them achieve the same success in whatever goals they set forth. Max is a Yoga Alliance and Rocket Yoga certified yoga instructor who has been an avid practitioner for over 5 years. Max's classes are athletic and down to earth. There will be plenty of opportunities for dynamic movement, arm-balances, and everything in between.