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Ballpark Boathouse
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What can you do at Ballpark Boathouse?

Boating In DC welcomes you to Southeast DC, the Capitol Riverfront and the Anacostia River. Enjoy a paddle past DC's historic Navy Yard, listen to the roar of Nationals Stadium or watch a Friday evening concert at Yards Park - right from the water!

The Anacostia has lots to offer, and there are so many new things to explore in Yards Park for a post-paddle picnic, ice cream or place to relax and enjoy the sun.

Yards Park

Nearby Yards Park is a beautiful park with lots of activity and new things to do all the time. Before or after your paddle, we recommend you checking out everything the park has to offer. Visit and plan your paddle around other events that might be going on!

DC Metro

The nearest metro stop is Navy Yard (on the green line), and is just a short walk South on First St. SE (toward the riverfront!). We are on the dock with all the colorful boats and friendly staff in orange shirts!

DC Circulator Bus

The Circulator Bus is an easy way to get to Georgetown, and only costs $1! Heading toward Georgetown, get off at K St. NW/Wisconsin Ave. Keeping the River to your left, we are a short walk under the bridge. By the water is a great place to look for us!


A GPS will usually find “Diamond Teague Park” OR the intersection of Potomac Ave SE and First St. SE. There is plenty of street parking available, especially on the weekends, and a garage at the Nationals Stadium. Just make sure you check the game schedule - public transportation is much easier than driving during baseball games!

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  • Diamond Teague Park
  • Potomac Ave SE and First Street SE, Washington, DC 20003
  • click to call us at (202) 337-9642


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